Artist Development

Inspiration is what gets us started… Motivation is what keeps us going!

Do you have what it takes to make it the music business? Get started today and we’ve got you covered with recording packages tailored to your needs.

Custom Recording Sessions tailored to meet your exact needs available from small demo’s to large Master Session projects

  • Single Song Recording
  • Demo Recording
  • Full Master Production, including Session Producer (7 Piece Band)
  • Master w/Star Players, including Session Producer (7 Piece Band)
  • Vocal Coaching / Vocal Tuning
  • Writing Music and Melodies for your lyrics

Electronic Press Kit

EPK’s are the best way to distribute you and your product across the Internet. We can custom build your EPK with content specifically for your needs including bio, media, music and more. Contact us for a quote on your custom EPK today!
We are here for you in your quest for a musical career. Call us for for a quote on your full artist development recording package. We will assemble a team of Nashville’s Finest to help you achieve your goals in the Nashville music business. From conception to completion we are ready and waiting for you. Contact me today for more information, call 615.598.7559 or email me @

Remember…It’s called “The Music Business”…Without the Business side there is no Music! Tell us what you want to do – We’ll help you get there, and get your foot in the door in Nashville starting today.

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