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  • Mark  Uncle Bee Spears Bass Man With Willie Nelson Family Band
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  • Bee Spears Mark Dreyer in the studio
  • Bee Spears and Richie Albright
  • Bee Spears  in the studio
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  • Bobby Capps Pno Man for 38 Special and Van Vant
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Country Music fans . . .

It's been quoted, "His sensationally hot guitar playing and sparkling charisma are a few characteristics that best describe Mark Dreyer." "During his 28 years of performing, Mark has dazzled a multitude of listeners all around the U.S., as well as Europe and Canada, it's what makes him what he is."

MAD Productions

His dedication to quality and producing the absolute best available results in all aspects of productions, pre and post, is what has established him as one of the best "new" generation producers in Nashville. Producing songs for top writers in the Nashville Music Industry. His musical background has helped him fine tune the production process in all aspects of musical styles - Country, Gospel, Pop, Alternative Rock, R&B and Jazz.

"I hope to be able to provide my production and arrangement services for you for your project, sometimes with insight on the musical direction of a song, makes all the difference in the world. You can hear the difference on your projects, and I personally give you a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!"

Director of Media Productions

Mark Dreyer brings a wealth of diverse talent including Studio 23 Lakeside Recording audio/video production facility and TV production experience, has over 1,000 television broadcasts and hundreds of live recording studio webcam productions from www.NashvilleConnection.com to his credit. He is also the publisher of the Nashville Music Business Directory and is an accomplished guitar player, vocalist, and songwriter.

Dreyer has enjoyed 20 years in Nashville and has over 4,000 shows under his belt with various groups as an employee of Gaylord Entertainment. He has also toured Europe as an artist / musical director – January 2009 marking his 21st trip abroad.

  • BMI
  • CMT Country Music Television
  • GAC Great American Country
  • Garnd Ole Opry
  • Nashville Area Chamber Of Commerce
  • Nashville Convention And Vistors Bureau
  • Sam Ash Music
  • Save The Music America